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July 2011

John Harvey Photo

July 2011

Take Advantage of the Long Weekend

Sunday Afternoon at the Williams

We really did want to go over earlier, but the combination of us being sick, the Williams being sick, a trip to Hong Kong, moving and the them coming out and visiting us, it has been a long while since we went to White Rock for a visit. We finally got a chance to remedy the situation.

Having a back yard of your own can be pretty fantastic. In a public park you need to be aware of the people around you - is your daughter going to run in front of a bike or push over a smaller child. In your own backyard (or a borrowed family back yard) you have fewer of these concerns. Of course playing with someone elses toys is great too!

Marcus In SprinklerNara With Green HatADriver Is Born

It's been quite a while since we have visited James. He has grown up a lot since I last saw him!

James Toothless SmileJames Looking UpJames Looking At Me

(Great)Grandparents Visit

Wood Splitting ToolsVisiting people and staying overnight is quite a big ask - with a child, we have quite a bit of stuff (we are getting better) and we need to follow a schedual or the kid misses naps and everybody pays for it. My grandparents are getting on in years (roughly 90) so we were a bit worried about staying over.

Back Vegetable GardenCollection Of Watering Cans           In Front Of Garden

Short answer - we shouldn't have been so worried. People adapt to having kids around and the joy of seeing a great grand child smooths over the minor inconviences.

Letters Slot Vine Wrapped Around Grass

My aunt Jenny was kind enough to organize a picnic so all of the family came to use for a visit. Nara did well with so many "kind of new" people.

Nara And Dad On ABenchNara And Great Grandparents On BenchOutdoor Dinner

Nara And Grandma In The GardenKayla And Justin And DogOf course it's good to see everyone else as well. Seeing your extended family once a year at Christmas gets a little sad so it's worth the effort to get out.

Nara And Helen At Comox Breakwater There is lots to do in the Courtenay/Comox area. We decided to go for a walk on the breakwater because I remember a near by playground (Marina Park) was quite good. The boardwalk was good for a run around.

Nara With Helen Walking On BeachWe also visited Kai Beach. We live fairly close to kits beach but we don't go very often. Kai beach was a little cool (we have had a cool summer) but still lots of fun to walk around a dig up shells.

Nara And Helen At Kai Bay

For younger children, having a set of keys will often attract their attention and help make a good photo. Nara now seems mostly past that. The new trick is the "I'm going to get you!" game. A parent can do that off camera and Nara will focus on the parent and what is going on around her. It worked out well.

Nara Playing With ShellNara Sitting In The SandNara Smiling On Beach


July 2011


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