Saturday, September 3, 2011

Need New Binoculars? Look No Further!

    We decided at the last minute to go camping, despite the warnings from the authorities about fire hazards. What made our trip a little safer was that we had just retired our old large bulky pair of 1960?s Bushnell binoculars in favour of a new pair, the ?Nikon Action 7x35?. The reason for the purchase was for us to be able to monitor the hills, ridges and valleys for smoke activity. This mainly for our own camping safety and not having to turn around in a hurry or having a rude smoky awakening surrounded by fire in the middle of the night.

What made the Nikon Action 7x35 binoculars our choice was the high-resolution blur-free image that allowed for the signs of smoke that can easily be mistaken as mist and morning fog. The Nikon has an easy ?Diopter Control? left eye/right eye balancing function. It also has lens coatings that deliver optimum brightness and flare free viewing of the true wide-field 400 feet at 1000 yards. We found them light (25 oz) and tough with the polycarbonate chassis with a rubber grip. You can even mount them on a tripod and use them as a telescope.

On the last day, we thought that the peaks in the distance were unusually blue and distant. Sure enough, when we focused in on them, we found that the normally stagnant mist was actually smoke wafting in and out between outcroppings of cliffs. Later that night we heard of a new fire in that area that had been started by campers! The price is right; it?s lightweight and magnifies 7x! In short, with this choice of binoculars, you simply can?t go wrong, believe me. And you?ll discover a new safer brighter world! Check them out.


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